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We created Som Visao with the aspiration to strive to provide you with informative content surrounding financial areas. With a combined vast amount of experience in the financial world, we feel we are more than qualified to share this information with you. Discussing areas such as mortgages, loans, debt consolidation, investments and more, we hope to aid anyone looking for help or advice on certain financial aspects.

Who We Are

Simon Vincent

With experience in most personal financial areas, including the likes of mortgages and personal loans, he will be posting articles surrounding these areas that he hopes will be beneficial to you. Look out for articles on credit card consolidation, debt consolidation, payday loans, residential aspects and other personal finance topics.







Omar Smith

Omar has experience in most financial business areas. He will be posting on topics such as payroll, business investments, corporation tax and other important business expenditures that both SMEs and large scale corporations need to understand.








Michael Allen

Michael is the investment guru of the group. With an extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency investing, including Bitcoin, investments in the foreign exchange market and personal and business investments, the articles he’ll share on the site will hopefully be very informational for any individuals or businesses who are looking to invest.







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