4 Straightforward Steps to Make a Credit Card Claim

It happens more than you might think, we can be overcharged for a credit card transaction. Thankfully, there are plenty of protections in place to help you claim your money back. Credit cards are often one of the safest ways of making a purchase because the claim process is so straightforward and there are plenty of legal protections surrounding credit cards. Therefore, today I am going to give you 4 straightforward steps to make a credit card claim. However, if you wish to learn a bit more, you can always visit a bank similar to Atlantic Union Bank (https://www.atlanticunionbank.com/business/credit-cards) or services in your local area.

Gather Plenty of Evidence

To begin with, it can be easy to assume it might be a mistake. You are well within your rights to raise a complaint with the merchant if you think they are wrong but make sure that you bring relevant details like the transaction date and transaction number so they can quickly process your request. But

before you do that, it is a smart idea to do your research first. If you do not recognise the name of a transaction when you look at your credit card transactions do a simple google search to better understand where the charge is coming from and to reaffirm the typical amounts this merchant charges. This will avoid further confusion during the claim process for everyone.

It can be easy to jump to conclusions, but you will save yourself so much headache if you do a little research before you start a dialogue with the merchant in question.

Raise the Dispute via A Well-Known Platform

Now with all your evidence in hand, you are ready to begin your claims process. These days, so many of our transactions take place online. Many also make payments through PayPal, this is because they have a great number of protections for buyers online. Linking your credit card to this service and paying through PayPal in the future will make the credit card claiming process significantly easier. Their buyer’s protection scheme is called PayPal Buyer Protection, so read up on what that protects to understand what rights you can exercise to get your money back, assuming you made the purchase through PayPal.

Contact your Lender

If you did not make the purchase via digital services like PayPal, you will need to contact your credit card lender. Thankfully, legal protections like Section 75 can help your credit card provider take legal action from the merchant that has grossly misrepresented the product or service. So, to avoid such risks it is better for merchants to get online payment service providers from reputed companies like Easy Pay Direct (https://www.easypaydirect.com/) which could provide safe and secure payment options to consumers and save them from getting into this mess. That being said, legal protections will allow your lender to take their money back from merchants that have essentially scammed you. This can be a lengthy process that requires time on your lenders part to execute so give them time and make sure you give them as much of that previously gathered evidence as possible so they can work hard to get your money back.

Keep Up with the Dispute

For smaller disputes, it should not take too long to resolve. Low cash amounts typically are resolved sooner than larger disputes. Because of all the admin work required on the side of your lender, it will take a lot longer for them to process than a dispute involving smaller sums of money. Therefore, it is important that you keep in contact with your lender and the merchant as often as you can, so they have no choice but to resolve this for you. Many companies prefer to ignore issues instead of working them out sometimes, so you need to regularly be pressuring them.

To conclude, making a credit card claim can be work but if you follow the right channels you will get your money back. Most credit card lenders popular digital commerce services like PayPal are great at quickly resolving these kinds of issues but sometimes they will forget – they are run by people after all – so make sure you keep up with the dispute so they do not let it drift away.