How to get the best 3D Ultrasound Photos

Unlike your routine diagnostic ultrasound, a full bladder is NOT required for your 3D/4D ultrasound, even if you’re only coming in for the Pink or Blue Gender Assessment.

It’s best to book your 3D ultrasound at a time of day when your baby is most active. In addition, it is suggested that you eat a light meal one to two hours before your session and have a sugary beverage (non-carbonated) about thirty minutes before your session. For most of our guests, having a glass of orange or apple juice thirty minutes before the session will give a more active show and allow us to provide a more diverse range of imagery. If you’re driving in from Surrey, Langley, Richmond or Coquitlam and have some time in the car, it’s a great opportunity to sip on a non-carbonated beverage on the way down.

If despite your best efforts to time your scan and metabolize some sugars your baby is sleeping or in an undesirable position to get ideal 3D/4D images, our experienced ultrasound technicians know certain stretches and positions that will safely move your baby in to a desirable pose.

The further you are in your pregnancy, the more challenging it can be to obtain the best images as Baby is more crowded and harder to re-position for best photos. For this reason, we suggest attending your 3D/4D ultrasound between twenty-six and thirty-two weeks in to your pregnancy. In the incredibly rare case that throughout your ultrasound session our Technician decides the images will not be optimal, we may end the session early and invite you back for a complimentary rescan. We leave this decision to our Sonographer’s best judgment.

You are welcome to come alone or bring friends and family. When dad attends the session it will allow him to better connect with your Baby and help to reassure fetal wellbeing for both of you as expecting parents.